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President's Corner

I enjoyed seeing all of the new teachers and members at our September luncheon, and all the golfers at our Corridor Communities Golf Outing September 18th. Thank you to our members who also sponsored a teacher at our first meeting: John Frombach, Steve Kingsland, Kevin Boland, Dottie Coll, Sean Hayes, Mac McIlrath, and Dr. Randy Lutz. An important connection exists between schools and the communities they serve. With the success of each dependent on the other in many ways. I was pleased to hear all the plans for the upcoming year at Brentwood and Baldwin Whitehall School Districts, and wish the students, faculty and staff another productive and successful year.

With the recent weather disasters in Texas, Florida, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, humanitarian crisis unfolding in Myanmar, and gun violence in Las Vegas, it is hard to listen to the news without feeling overwhelmed. I find it challenging to go about my routine when I know that our neighbors, citizens and fellow human beings are facing such major life struggles. In our global economy, we are just a few acquaintances away from personally knowing someone directly affected.  I am grateful that our community is not part of these affected areas and can instead help assist in their recovery process.

What is gratitude? Scientific studies are showing that there is more to feeling grateful than just an emotion. Psychology Today states that “Gratitude is getting a great deal of attention as a facet of positive psychology…Gratefulness is associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy.” Our world could benefit from all of these feelings, so how do we get there? The article “7 Habits of Grateful People” by Lindsay Holmes discusses seven habits that could help cultivate gratitude: Journal, Don’t avoid the negative, Spend time with loved one, Mindfully use social media, Know the value of little things., Volunteer, and Get moving. Maybe there are some kernels of ideas there to help us all foster gratitude, optimism and empathy in these difficult times.

October is also Local Chamber of Commerce Month in Pennsylvania. And I completely agree with Governor Ton Wolf’s statement the “Our local chambers of commerce play a critical role in supporting the needs of our vibrant business community and are essential to the commonwealth’s continued economic growth and advancement.” We look forward to seeing all of you at out upcoming luncheons as well our Second Annual Chili Cook-off Saturday, October 28th. We hope you come out and taste the entries and vote for your favorite!


Virginia Weida

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