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President's Corner

If you are anything like me, this past year was a blur! It is time to say farewell to 2017, and ring in 2018. Our December luncheons were full of holiday spirit and cheer, and I hope all of you were able to make some new connections at one of our events. We also enjoyed distributing tote bags to our communities in Brentwood and Baldwin for their Holiday Light-Up Nights, and would like to thank our tote bag sponsors: Amedisys, GBU Financial Life, Panera Caste Village, Dollar Bank Brentwood, and The Residence at Whitehall! We offer tote bag sponsorships in the summer and fall, so keep that in mind for next year if that is something that you are interested in.


Be on the lookout for some emails in January from Mary Dilla, as member renewals are due for 2018 and we will be doing another membership survey to get some feedback from all of you. We are also looking for some volunteers to assist with the membership committee, events, marketing & social media, so if you have an interest in getting more involved please speak to Mary or one of our board members. We appreciate our volunteers, and would welcome some new faces!


We have lots of events planned for 2018, but January 1 is not really the start of our BBWChamber year – that happens in September. And if you research New Year’s history, you will find that it has not always been on January 1, and New Year’s Day depends now on which calendar you follow.  But everywhere I turn there seems to be pressure to make a resolution for the New Year. Over 40% of us will make resolutions, many of which will focus on personal eating habits, exercise, or health. Studies also show that most resolutions fail, with less than a 10% success rate. So my question to you is, if there is something that needs to change in your life (personally or for your business) to bring you success, why are you waiting for January 1st? And what can we do to increase our success rate?


Philip Clarke from the University of Derby offers some top tips for achieving our goals. First, make sure your goal is realistic and measurable, more of an “action plan” than a statement. You will need to monitor and re-evaluate your progress continually, allowing you to adjust if things go better (or worse) than planned. Second, prioritize your goals. Make sure that you don’t set too many, as you will lose focus. Lastly, don’t be upset if you fail to meet a few of your goals. Try and learn from the situation so that you can develop future strategies to overcome barriers to your success. “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset”- Richie Norton. 


Virginia Weida

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