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President's Corner

It’s already February, so that means spring is less than 50 days away! Some people love winter, while some wish for spring, summer or fall to return. To celebrate this short month, we would like you to join us in celebrating our love for the BBW Chamber of Commerce. We are hosting a “Love your Chamber” mixer on February 28 at South Hills Country Club from 5-7 PM! Members are encouraged to come for the networking and to bring along a prospective member. We are looking forward to seeing many of you there!

A standard definition of Love in Merriam-Webster is a “warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion.” So we are asking our Chamber Members to share their story, and what chamber event they LOVE? As you already know I am enthusiastic about every meeting and function that we share! I am continually learning and connecting with each of you in new ways. I LOVE the variety of speakers we have at both the regular and women’s monthly luncheons. They help me grow personally and professionally as well as expand my network. Our events outside of the luncheons are always fun and enable further connections to our community.

As we gear up to celebrate our 60th anniversary this spring, we hope you will join our board of directors and secretary in planning and attending one of our many upcoming events.  Our website is the best place to get all of the up-to-date information on events going on in our community. Stay in touch, and I wish all of you health and continued business success in the New Year!


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