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Chamber members are encouraged to participate in any of the committees. Contact committee members for further information.

2018-2019 Officers/Executive Committee

President: Virginia Weida, Virginia Weida Design
Vice President: Matt Fazio, Donnelly-Boland and Associates
Treasurer: George Zboyovsky
Secretary: Mary Dilla

I. Governance: Chairman: President, Virginia Weida

Committee: Executive Committee
Provide leadership, direction, continuity and monitor results in accordance with the Bylaws to fulfill the purpose and mission of the Chamber.


II. Membership: Chairmen - Matt Fazio, Mac McIlrath

Identify the needs and wants of the members and provide membership services of recruitment, retention and Directory of Members.

  1. Member Events - Andrea Hulsman
  2. Membership Directory - Mary Dilla

III. Programs & Networking: Chairman - Dottie Coll
Provide programs and opportunities for networking to satisfy the needs of our members.

  1. Monthly General Member Luncheon Meeting - Dottie Coll, George Zboyovsky
  2. Women's Networking Luncheon - Dottie Coll
  3. Social Events: George Zboyovsky and Steve Gardiner
  4. 60th Celebration -(Committee to be formed)

IV. Fund Raising

  1. Corridor Communities Golf Outing - Debbie Maddock, Mary Dilla, Scot Love, Virginia Weida
  2. Community Golf Day - Mary Dilla, Jenny Worley

V. Community Events

  1. Food Truck Event - Randy Lutz, Sean Hayes, Kelly Joyce
  2. Chili Cook-Off - George Zboyovsky, Sean Hayes, Jenny Worley
  3. Baldwin Borough
    • Light Up Night - Jenny Worley
  4. Whitehall Borough
    • Community Day - Randy Lutz, Sean Hayes, Steve Gardiner
  1. Brentwood Borough
  • July 4th Parade - Sean Hayes
  • Light Up Night - Andrea Hulsman, Mac McIlrath

VI. Communications & PR -
Provide useful business information to members and promote the activities of the Chamber to generate goodwill in the business community and the general public.

  • Website - Mary Dilla
  • Newsletter - Mary Dilla
  • Media Correspondence/Social Media - Virginia Weida, Matt Fazio, Jenny Worley
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