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Business Spotlight

Marketing is Broken?

By Tim Hindes, TrailBlaze Creative

Well…the way people think about marketing and communications is broken. Too often, marketing is the first line item cut when sales start to slide, or it is an afterthought to big-picture operations. Small business owners always have too much on their “plates”, and marketing is the “vegetable” that can provide so much nutritional business value, but is pushed aside for something less healthy. Internal marketing departments are expensive to meet all business needs (web, graphic design, campaign management, etc.) and traditional marketing firms are very expensive.

TrailBlaze Creative works to solve that problem. We become the outsourced marketing department for our partners, with a long-term eye on the vision of the business, while being able to execute on all tactical marketing needs. This results in strategic marketing focus for the business, while keeping the bottom line in check.

While you may be familiar with our partnership with EDS, we’ve also worked nationally on some pretty amazing projects, taking our work to California, Wisconsin, New York, Texas, and more.

We were formed at the request of our partners who were seeking a firm that a) places client needs first; b) establishes trust; c) embodies their brand; and d) provides creative strategic direction for growth. If you’re familiar with hiking, to blaze a trail means to create a new path to reach a location or goal. That’s what we do. We encourage all of our partners to Trek Outside their comfort zone…to blaze new trails…to drive results. Let us know if we can help you in your journey.


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