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Borough Information

The Borough of Baldwin separated from Baldwin Township and was incorporated in January 1950. Baldwin is approximately 7 miles long and consists of 3.481 acres or 5.44 square miles. It's boundaries extend from the Monongahela River on the north to South Park Township and Bethel Park on the south. It is approximately 2-1/4 miles at it's widest point and is bound by the City of Pittsburgh to the north; West Mifflin and Pleasant Hills on the east; and Brentwood and Carrick to the west. There are 8,793 dwelling units which includes 1,722 apartment units. Baldwin has 18 voting districts within its borough. The Borough of Baldwin is under the 36th and 41st State Legislator District; the 43rd State Senatorial District; and the 18th Congressional District.

Population - 21,973 (1990 Census) Square Miles - 5.4

Baldwin Borough
3344 Churchview Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15227-4399

Phone: 412-882-9600
Fax: 412-882-4940

Baldwin Township Police

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School District

Baldwin-Whitehall School District
4900 Curry Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Phone: 412-884-6300

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Public Library

Baldwin Public Library
Wallace Building
41 Macek Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Phone: 412-885-2255
Fax: 885-5255

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Places of Worship

Baldwin United Presbyterian Church
201 Knoedler Road
Pittsburgh, PA 145236

New Wine Harvest Church

5206 East Willock Road

Pittsburgh, PA  15227


St. Albert the Great Roman Catholic Church
3171 Churchview Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church
Grove Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

4048 Brownsville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15227


St. Wendelin Roman Catholic Church
2728 Custer Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

North Zion Lutheran Church
5100 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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